Core values guide the investment process and business strategy

Founded in 2009 by Antoine Schetritt, Cello Capital Management, LP (“Cello”) is an alternative fixed income investment manager focused on opportunities in the Agency MBS markets. The firm’s investment process is distinguished by its reliance on fundamental research, tactical trading, and an extensive and flexible analytics infrastructure for valuation and risk management. Cello offers a global community of institutional and high net worth investors access to commingled vehicles as well as separately managed accounts.


Successful investing demands unconventional thinking, and unconventional thinking begins with asking questions. Cello employees continually seek to better understand new perspectives, old assumptions, and contrarian views they encounter in colleagues and counterparties, and they are better positioned to bring fresh perspectives and opportunities to the business.


Curiosity and creativity alone do not yield results. These attributes must be coupled with unflagging perseverance, determination, and resourcefulness in the face of obstacles or setbacks. When resolve and commitment are tested during challenging times, Cello employees rise to the occasion.


A curious, creative, and determined person who lacks integrity has the potential to cause great harm. Cello empowers every team member with significant responsibility and latitude. Each Cello employee demonstrates unshakeable commitment to being trustworthy and reliable in their interactions with colleagues, clients, and counterparties.


Every team member at Cello is working for themselves and for the team, and they show a strong sense of ownership in their work. This ownership allows for great pride in times of success, but it also demands accountability in times of failure. Cello employees take responsibility for their ideas, decisions, and deliverables.


Successful investing requires judgment in the task of taking calculated risks. Judgment is vital to Cello’s success at the portfolio level and is also an important trait for non-investment professionals. Cello employees synthesize disparate sources of information to identify big picture issues and underlying causes of problems. They think strategically and can articulate their reasoning to their colleagues.  In every decision employees must bring not just knowledge but also maturity to bear.


Cello strives to excel in whatever it does. This exceptionalism begins with the team, all of whom have attained excellence in one or multiple chosen pursuits or professions. Each team member brings to their work at Cello their own deep understanding of what it takes to achieve outstanding results.